The Concept

To hail the arrival of a new age of electric guitars, we at Kz Guitar Works have begun producing a guitar that we believe will set the standard for this new age; a guitar we call the “Kz One Standard”.

The concept of Kz One Standard is: To set a new standard for electric guitars. That new standard will defined by what makes Kz One Guitars unique; our originally designed pickups and versatile controls.

Through this guitar we aim to set a new standard for electric guitars.


  • 1. Originally designed single-coil KGW pickups give the guitar a unique and striking sound
  • 2. Versatile controls give the guitar 23 different pickup combinations
  • 3. The series/parallel switch creates a guitar able to produce both
    a Humbacker-like “fat” sound and the “quacky” sound of a single-coil pickup combination
  • 4. Bridge options include a Kahler tremolo or a fixed Tune-O-Matic.
    The Kahler tremolo is smooth and stable, while the Tune-O-Matic allows for powerful and rich sustain
  • 5. A semi-hollow body provides for a smooth sound and clean harmonics



Pickup Combinations




Hand made with pride from Japanese craftsmen.


An official Kz Guitar Works logo medal is attached to the head of the guitar.


Incorporating a ten-degree head angle and keeping the strings linear from the neck to peg enables tuning stability while minimizing nut friction.


The neck is set-in and composed by one piece of Honduras mahogany. The medium-fat grip gives the neck stability, and the guitar with mid and low tones.


22–fret Madagascar Rosewood with 635mm. (25in.) scale used. Fingerboard width is nut-end 43mm, fingerboard-end 57mm. The carefully crafted round-edge and 12 inch radius fingerboard makes playing easy and comfortable.


GOTOH locking pegs used. These pegs are designed to allow precise tuning and simple string replacement.


TUSQ XL nut used. This nut is noted for its tuning stability and rich sound in all ranges.


Body construction is composed of; a hard rock maple or Honduras mahogany top, and a Honduras mahogany bottom. The body is semi-hollow, providing the guitar with a smooth sound and clean harmonics.


JESCAR medium size frets used. The 12-inch radius frets offers the player precise pitch, smooth fingering, and easy string bending.


The ultra-thin polyurethane finish used on the guitar enables the longevity of the instrument while not sacrificing the guitar’s natural sound.


The official Kz Guitar Works single-coil pickups, the “KGW”s, make a pickup like no other. While maintaining low levels of excessive noise, they produce powerful, straight tones within a wide range of sounds. Directly mounted into the body, they are specially designed to exceed the standard single-coil pickup.


Two switch pots and four toggle switches compose the controls. The three linear switches control on/off for each of the pickups while the series/parallel switch allows the player to choose between series or parallel wiring. The pots control master volume and master tone. If pulled up, the knobs also act as phase switches for the neck and middle pickup. All together, 23 different sounds can be created with the guitar.

Series Wiring: When more than one pickup is being used in series wiring, the resulting sound is a “fat” sound like a Humbacker.

Parallel Wiring: Parallel-wired pickups make a milder sound than series wired pickups. Perhaps the best-known example is the wiring method of pickup position 2 and 4 of a standard Fender Stratocaster.

Phase: The two knobs act as phase reversal switches for the neck and middle pickups. The reversed phase cuts the mid and low frequencies, making a high-pitched “scream”.


Standard issue bridges of the Kz One Standard are a modified Kahler tremolo unit or a fixed Tune-O-Matic bridge.

The Kahler tremolo is smooth and stable. The modification made to the Kahler tremolo is the fine tuners have been removed. If requested, the Kahler tremolo can be replaced with a fixed Kahler bridge.

The Kz One Standard can also be featured with a fixed Tune-O-Matic bridge. By allowing the string vibration to transit directly into the body, the bridge creates a guitar rich with powerful sustain. The bridge also noted for its simplicity, allowing for easy maintenance and usage.


Kz One Guitars as a standard are issued with Elixar light gauge strings (.010~.046). These strings have excellent coating, allowing for very long usage. The strings are also noted for their powerful and unique sound.


As a standard, one semi-hard guitar case comes with the guitar.

If requested, a Duplex Flight Case may also be ordered. (Build to order)

Testimony From Guitarists

Daniel Gomez (Guitarist, We Will Rock You Musical)


“The first time I saw the Kz One Standard design, I had to blink once or twice. That was a truly inspired vision; a high quality crossover between legendary old lady, a kahler loaded 84 guilds, a double cutaway Les Paul with a contemporary twist and Kz’s own flavor. It is amazingly designed by master luthier, Kazutaka Ijuin, at the Kz Guitar Works for a wider public segment than just the queen aficionado and ready for the professional player that is searching a versatile weapon of choice. It is a guitar for pretty everything on the set. The guitar keeps the flame on classic designs, but reassigning them on a more player friendly package with clever and minimal switching method. It is providing a full array of vintage and contemporary tones, wide trusty vibrato system and locking tuners for excellent and expressive performance. This guitar has both classic and avant-grade look and feel.”

Brent Muscat (Guitarist, Ex. Faster Pussycat)


“I am so happy to have this handcrafted guitar built for me and my style of playing. It is versatile and the sustain is awesome. I’m able to play not only rock and roll but clean country as well. I’ve never played a guitar like this before in my life Its resonance is in there and the sound and vibration of it just so awesome. I’m really excited to play it live, bring it out, and show it off. I gave it a name….since it is from Japan I have named it ” SAKURA ” which means Cherry Blossom, because it was built in Spring and from Japan and right around the time that the cherry blossoms were blooming. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Kz Guitar Works.”

Kazuo Shimizu (Guitarist)


“The moment I held this guitar, I was truly touched. Of course it was very special because Kazutaka created this original guitar applying the knowledge and the technology he extensively studied from the Red Special.
The design, Materials and the finish, all of these aspects show how much he put his thought on it. It is easy to play. The sound is very close to the Red Special, yet it has its own uniqueness. I believe it will attract many guitarists. Hope you have a chance to play this fantastic guitar!”

Kazumaro Kominami (Guitarist)


“In my previous live performance, I used a Kz One and this time I used a Kz One Standard. I totally felt the difference between two, which comes from originality of Kz Guitar Works. This does not mean the guitar has a tricky uniqueness to play, but actually very easy and fit to your hand naturally.
Though it is an electric guitar, yet it also has an acoustic sound quality.
It has a single coil and wide range, but it has enough power to produce the great sound. The Kahler Tremolo for the bridge works smoothly, and all the parts that compose this guitar create a variety of sound like magic.
I look forward to seeing further progress for this guitar, and hope everyone would have a chance to experience this magical sound of the Kz One Standard.”