Kz One Standard Order Sheet


JPY 380,000-
Semi-Hardcase Included


Please make a remittance by means of Square or PayPal.

Deposit to begin build

We will ask you to deposit JPY 150000 for building the Kz One Standard. Of course, you can pay in full amount when you order. This is obviously simpler than your arrangement to pay twice at the beginning and at the end.

Estimated building time

Estimated building time to complete all the procedure for the Kz One Standard is approximately 3 months after we have received your order sheet and remittance.

Shipping fees

Currency unit: JPY

China, Hong Kong,Taiwan Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia Indonesia India, Australia, New Zealand U.S. (Western Region) U.S. (Rest of Country), Canada, Mexico Brazil, Argentina, Colombia Germany, United Kingdom, Italy United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa
24,970 30,400 31,360 44,300 42,660 42,720 59,950 54,120 58,730 74,310

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 Honduras Mahogany Top: Free Selected Flamed Maple Top: +30000yen~

 Ebony Fingerboard: +10000yen

 Mahogany (colored): +5000yen Maple Veneer (Thin layer of wood on top of the head): +10000yen Madagascar Rosewood Veneer: +15000yen Ebony Veneer: + 15000yen Flamed Maple Head Veneer: + 15000yen~

Requested Colors
 Solid Color: +15000yen~ See-through Color: +20000yen~ Sunburst or Metallic Color: +30000yen~

 F-Hole: +10000yen JESCAR Evo Gold Frets: +10000yen Classic British Pickups: Free Left Handed Model: +76000yen Duplex Flight Case: +65000yen (build to order)



Apartment or Suite




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 Square (Credit card, no additional fee)  PayPal (+3.9% PayPal fee)

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 Pay in full amount when you order. Pay the deposit when you order.