Kz Guitar Works

About Us

We are Kz Guitar Works from Japan. As you may know us, we formally produced Brian May’s famed guitar, the “Red Special”, from 2007 - 2010. As a result of having great success with this guitar we decided in 2015 to create and build a special guitar, the "Kz One". Made with pride from Japanese maker, each guitar is hand-made with the finest quality.

Red Special

We currently have a line up of guitar models, Kz One Semi-Hollow, Kz One Solid and Kz ST. Our unique guitars have original "KGW" pickups which produce Superior and unique sounds that are standard in all of our guitars. Our brand has been growing steadily in Japan subsequently our guitars are used by the likes of Kazumi Watanabe, Adam Slack, Jed Eliot, Brent Muscut.

We are looking to expand our brand in Asia, Europe and of course the USA for the purpose of future growth and development in overseas markets through establising partners that can understand the quality of Kz Guitar Works.

Our aim is for this guitar to set a new standard for electric guitars.

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