Kz Guitar Works


Company Profile

Company name: Kz Guitar Works
Address: 3-1-6 Sakurayama Zushi Kanagawa 249-0005 JAPAN
Tel & Facsimile: +81 46 801 3150 ... Phone inquiries are accepted only in Japanese language. For those who do not speak Japanese, we would appreciate it if you can use English via email.

President: Kazutaka Ijuin
OPEN: 13 PM – 19 PM appointment required


Please make a remittance by means of Square (Credit card) or PayPal (+3.9% PayPal fee). Fees for remittance and shipping as well as associated tax will be charged to the applicant. Please choose either PayPal or Square when you place the order. We will send its invoice via email.

Return and Exchange

The Kz One Standard is completely custom made. Therefore, we do not accept any returns unless there is an absolute difference in specification or a mistake in the process of the manufacuturing of the guitar. If you find scratches or any other types of damage caused during the transportation after our dispatch, please contact us. We will solve the problem by confirming the situation to the transportation company.


The warranty will last one year after the initial purchase date if you are the first owner of the product. However, the warranty is void if damages are caused by the customer, such as bad storage conditions or wrong usage of the product. The warranty is also void if there is any cracking of the coating, or warping of the wood.

Overseas shipping

Overseas shipping is now made FREE via EMS for overseas customers. For orders outside of Japan, Our preferred carrier is EMS. If requested, we can also ship with FedEx international economy (IE). If FedEx is requested, please inform us what your FedEx number is. Calculated shipping fees for FedEx are mentioned below. EMS shipping is exempt from shipping fees.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees are calculated in consideration of the country delivered. Please see the chart below.

Japan Promotional Export Rates For FedEx International Economy Shipments (IE)

Currency unit: JPY

China, Hong Kong,Taiwan 24,970
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia 30,400
Indonesia 31,360
India, Australia, New Zealand 44,300
U.S. (Western Region) 42,660
U.S. (Rest of Country), Canada, Mexico 42,720
Brazil, Argentina, Colombia 59,950
Germany, United Kingdom, Italy 54,120
United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey 58,730
Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa 74,310

Customs and Import duties

The customer is responsible for paying any duties, taxes and/or brokerage fees imposed by your local government. If you have any questions regarding customs, please contact your local customs office for further information.