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【New Model】Kz One Air

Yet another possibility of Kz One. A new model that feels intimate because of its simplicity.

Kz One Air has a full acoustic body employing the chambered (hollowed out) solid back construction. It inherits the Kz One body shape but is 50mm thick, a little thicker than the solid body of its siblings, for the pleasant acoustic resonance. Its scale length is 25 inches and it is strung with and adjusted for the 10-46 set when it leaves our shop, and you can easily apply your technique for the more common electric guitar like string bending or finger vibrato. It has a KGW Original pickup at the end of the fingerboard that offers our trademark sound, and you can enjoy the sound of an electric guitar enriched by the acoustic resonance. Also, the guitar comes with the 104B Tune-o-matic style bridge to replace with the default wooden one.

▲Spruce Top/Ebony Fingerboard:3,300 USD


▲Acacia KOA Plywood Top/Madagascar Rose Fingerboard:2,970 USD


▲Brazilian Rose Plywood Top/Madagascar Rose Fingerboard:2,970 USD


【Review & Demo Clip by Kazuo Shimizu】

【Demo Clip by Momoko Abe】

【Impression of Momoko Abe】

【Concept for Kz One Air】

・A guitar that you can play casually in a living room.
・An electric guitar that sounds pleasant without the amplifier.

【Main features】

・Moderate size and playability that makes you feel free to take in your hands at any time.
・Reasonable volume of resonance without an amplifier.
・Ensured quality electric sound when plugged in
・Archtop & set-in neck construction for the rich acoustic resonance.
・To come with the wooden bridge for the open, warm sound and Gotoh 104B T.O.M. bridge for better intonation that are easily replaceable.

【How to Replace the Bridge】

Body Top/Fingerboard/Bridge/Hardwear Color

・Spruce Top/Ebony Fingerboard/Ebony Wooden Bridge/Black Hardwears
・Akacia KOA Plywood/Madagascar Rose Fingerboard/Indian Rose Bridge/Chrome Hardwears
Brazilian Rose Plywood/Madagascar Rose Fingerboard/Indian Rose Bridge/Chrome Hardwears



■Body Top: Spruce/Acacia KOA Plywood/Brazilian Rose Plywood ■Body Back: African Mahogany ■Neck: African Mahogany ■Fingerboard: Ebony (Spruce Top Model) /Madagascar Rose (Acacia KOA/Brazilian Rose Top Model) ■Scale: 635mm (25”) ■Neck Grip: Medium Fat ■Fret: Jescar FW55090 (2.3 x 1.4) ■Nut: Black TUSQ ■Fingerboard R: 305mm (12”R) ■Machine Head: SG301 MG-T ■Bridge: Wooden Bridge/Swing Tailpiece ■Pickup: KGW Original x 1 ■Control: Vol. x 1, Tone x 1 ■Color: Natural ■Finish: Gross ■Accessories: Gotoh 104B T.O.M Bridge (Spruce Top Model:Black, Acacia KOA/Brazilian Rose Model: Chrome), Adjustment Tool, Semi-hard Case ■Weight (Average): 2.4kg